Undead Skeleton Regiment

Undead Skeleton Regiment

from Mantic Games
Undead Skeleton Regiment

I picked up this squad from a sale Mantic was having on their website of loose sprues.
Skeletons are always good to have, and you can never have too many!
The material is a very hard plastic. Not terribly easy to work with.


Like not things made with hard plastic, it was much harder to assembly than they should have been.
Way too many very small pieces, which I don't understand. The idea, I suppose, is that you can do different poses or something. But the vast majority of parts only fit in one way, so...
Mould lines weren't too hard to remove, the tricky part was getting to them on such small little bits. More pieces equals more mould lines. Alas...


Primed with Badger Stynlrez primer, brushed on.
Miniature painted purley in oils. Mostly Winsor & Newton Winton line, with some Williamsburg colors in there, too
Took maybe 10 hours to do the whole squad. Painted all at once, and just rotated through each mini.
Sealed with some matt varnish from Reaper Miniatures.


Custom made with joint compound. Sunk into it were various mini bits, skulls, and some Sculpy heiroglypics made with a Green Stuff texture roller.
The grass tufts were from World War Scenics and Green Stuff World.