Kyros, Strategos of Ilios

Kyros, Strategos of Ilios

from Mierce Miniatures
Kyros, Strategos of Ilios
Kyros, Strategos of Ilios
Kyros, Strategos of Ilios

Picked up this Greek-themed army on a 2-for-1 sale, also snagging a Roman-themed one, too. This is the first host/army that I've done from Mierce all at once. This army is made up of several squads/entities:
Kyros, Strategos of Ilioss
Thera, Lokhagos of Ilioss
Hektor, Tekhnomántis of Ilios
Ilios Guard, Oplites of Ilios (19x spearmen and a commander)
Ilios Watch, Toxotes of Ilios Unit (10x archers)
The Burning Ones, Mesokolossos Unit (6x colossus spearmen and a commander)
The Piercing Ones, Toxokolossos Unit (3x colossus archers)
Talos, Kolossos (the big boy)

The whole gang together
Really had a lot of fun with the Greek themes, bases, colors, shields, vases, and more.


Assembly was pretty easy, like most Mierce stuff. It took a while to put together, due to how many there were. The only complaint I have with these are the nature of the spears, being thin and poking out everywhere, they are eash to snag or clip on your hand when you are trying to move them around. I have broken more than a couple shafts and hands off that had to be repaired when just moving them from place to place. I suppose it just requires being more careful.
Mould lines were few and easy to remove.
I really wish more manufacturers took notes from how Mierce not only minimizes mould lines, but on the rare occasion they exist, they are located in places that are either easy to clean or hiding where they would be covered or not viewable.


Primed with Badger Stynlrez primer, brushed on.
Miniature painted purley in oils. Mostly Winsor & Newton Winton line, Williamsburg, and Gamblin.
I did a mix of true- and non-metallic metal paints. The spear units and commanders were using no metallic paint, whereas the archers and colossi used metallic paint. It was a lot of good practice, that is for sure, and once again made me so very thankful for the awesomeness of oil paints. I tried slightly different techniques and colors for each spear squad, so there is some variation in there. I liked paiting the shields and helmet plumes, keeping the same color schemes but varied up the patterns some.


Custom made with an initial layer of cork, then covered with Scuply clay rolled with the Greek themed texture roller from Green Stuff World.
The clay was first covered with Mod Podge + black acrylic paint, then painted in oils along with the mini.
The vases were all handmade from Scuply clay, then painted using many reference photos of Greek vase patterns. These were really fun to do.
The dirt/gravel bits were flocking mixes from Luke's APS, and the grass tufts and shrub tufts were from Green Stuff World.