Kernuor, Seer-Drune

Kernuor, Seer-Drune

from Mierce Miniatures
Kernuor, Seer-Drune
Kernuor, Seer-Drune
Kernuor, Seer-Drune

This was in the second batch of Mierce minis that I snagged on a sale. This seer with the heart in one hand and a deer skull staff in the other is putting off some serious Heilung vibes.
Like all Mierce minis, there is a lot of detail on this model, which was a ton of fun to paint.
Really impressed with the quality and detail.
The material is a hard'ish resin. Not as hard as some, this was relatively easy to work with.


The parts all fit together without the need for any Milliput shenanigans.
Mould lines weren't bad and easy to remove.


Primed with Badger Stynlrez primer, brushed on.
Miniature painted purley in oils. Mostly Winsor & Newton Winton line.
Took a couple hours hours to paint the oils, then set it aside for a few days to dry.
Sealed with some matt varnish from Reaper Miniatures.


Custom made from cork.
The dirt/gravel bits were flocking mixes from Luke's APS.