Dragonbord Fighter

Dragonbord Fighter

from Reaper Miniatures
Dragonbord Fighter
Dragonbord Fighter

This little guy was part of the Bones 4 Kickstarter. It came with multiple different arm options, I chose the cutlass and dagger.
There are lots of nice details on this sculpt, with the wings, scales, armor, and weapons.


Very simple. The arms and wings were the only things that needed gluing.
Mould lines were easy to remove.


Primed with Badger Stynlrez primer, brushed on.
Miniature painted purley in oils. Mostly Winsor & Newton Winton line. Metals done with Gamblin metallic oil paint.
Took a little less than 2 hours.
The blends and transitions on the wings were very easy to pull off with oils.
Sealed with some matt varnish from Reaper Miniatures.


Custom made with cork, with some bits covered with Citadel Agrellan Earth for the crackly bits.
The cork was quickly painted up and drybrushed with Vallejo acrylic paints.