Caius Domitius, Tiamatus Secundus

Caius Domitius, Tiamatus Secundus

from Mierce Miniatures
Caius Domitius, Tiamatus Secundus
Caius Domitius, Tiamatus Secundus
Caius Domitius, Tiamatus Secundus
Caius Domitius, Tiamatus Secundus

Mierce was having a sale on minis again, so I pounced on this 2 for 1 unit sale. And I did this as a Mierce Mini paint-along on the minipainting Discord server for May-June 2021.
Like all Mierce minis, there is a lot of detail on this guy. Fun fact: I actually filmed painting this. First attempt ever filming, and aside from one major issue, everything else was not that bad. The major issue was, of course, with the way I had the camera rigged up overhead, I couldn't actually see what I was filming while I was painting. The result was a lot of the time the mini was off camera, which kind of defeats the purpose. Oh well, live and learn. I do plan on doing a "How to Oil Paint" series of videos to answer a lot of questions that people have when starting.
Filming aside, I'm really impressed with the quality and detail of this scorpion man.
The material is a hard'ish resin. Not as hard as some, this was relatively easy to work with.


Pretty simple, only a few parts. Mostly largr bits like the tail, torso, and legs.
The parts all fit together without the need for any Milliput shenanigans.
Mould lines weren't bad and easy to remove.


Primed with Badger Stynlrez primer, brushed on.
Miniatures painted purley in oils. The metal is non-metallic paint.
Sealed with some matt varnish from Reaper Miniatures.


Custom made from cork.
The top of the cork was covered with crackle paste to create the cracked desert look.
It was painted with Daler Rowney acrylic inks, with some drybrushing with Vallejo acrylics, and finished off with oil washes at the end.
The dirt/gravel bits were flocking mixes from Luke's APS.