A Journey into the World of Miniature Painting with Oils

I needed a place to store photos and records of my hobby, and a website was the best option, so here we are. Yet another mini painting website.

Like most people new to the hobby, I started with acrylics. I have since seen the light, and am a huge advocate of using oil paints for miniature painting. Oils are superior to acrylics in nearly every way.

Join the Glorious Oil Painting Revolution, Commrade! Once you try it, I promise the only problem you're going to have is that you didn't try it sooner.


12/13/2021 - Complete revamp of the entire website is live. Spent quite a bit wading into PHP, Javascript, and SQL land. The result is everything is leaner and meaner. Probably looks no different at all, as all the changes are on the backend.
Some videos have been recorded; still figuring out a good way to deal with them.
Additionally, I have been ramping up interest in wargaming, specifically WAR | MAKER from Runehammer Games. Highly recommend checking it out. Anywho, I might be dabbling in the terrain and wargaming scene sum, besides just minis.

Latest Completed Paints